Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Ferntree Gully North provides a range of opportunities for students to develop confidence, self-expression and creativity. Every child from Prep to Grade 6 attends a weekly 50 min session where they learn a mix of practical and innovative music skills. We have a variety of instruments including xylophones, bongos, djembes, untuned percussion and digital technology. These are regularly used in class so each child has the opportunity to explore, compose and play the music they love. Every second year the students of Ferntree Gully North present a whole school production. Through singing, dancing and drama, every student is involved in bringing a unique story to life on stage.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

In addition to our highly-regarded classroom program, Ferntree Gully North offers opportunities for students to extend and explore performing arts through:

  • Private instrumental music lessons
  • Group Dance Academy - Live to Dance and Love to Dance
  • Bringing experienced musicians to Music incursions

We are very fortunate to have such a fun, enjoyable and diverse music program at Ferntree Gully North.