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19th November 2020


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Principal's Report

Road Safety 
We have had a couple of incidents in recent days where the road safety of students has been threatened.  After lock down we have observed that many children have forgotten a number of skills and processes needed for being out and about safely.  A number of parents have passed on incidents or near misses.  This would be an ideal time for families to get out and practise some skills and remind their children of ways to be safe.

Our apologies about the link to assembly last week.  Hopefully, we will have it working ready for Friday.

Prep Transition
Today we held our first prep transition session on site.  We ran 4 groups across the day.  It was lovely to see all the children here.  They participated in a range of activities including some outside play.  Well done Josh Chamberlain and Alana Aiello for their preparation.  

Remembrance Day
Our students participated in a range of activities for Remembrance Day including an on line service from the Shrine.  Congratulations on everyone’s participation. It is important to mark such an occasion and remember those who have come before us.  Lest we forget.

Fees and Book Bags
Thank you to those families who have actioned their fees or contacted the office to make an individualised parent payment plan. We are currently working on a plan for the distribution of book bags.  After they arrive we will notify families about collection. Again, if you have any questions please contact the office.

New Signs
Driving past you will see two new signs have been installed for the school.  They use our wonderful logo and match our value totems outside the office. They certainly look smart.

Easing of Restrictions
We are all waiting on announcements regarding the easing of restrictions.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to run our regular internal transition program.  Whatever this looks like this year remember to be positive about transitions into 2021 and support your child.  If we have learnt anything this year it is that our students are strong and resilient and that they will move into 2021 with confidence.

Thank you to Sally Sealey

Keep an eye out for the video on Facebook of our presentation to Sally Sealey.  Sally has always been a great supporter of the school.  For many years she ran our uniform shop.  This was a volunteer role and as we know where would we be without volunteers.  The uniform shop not only managed uniforms but played an important part of the school fabric as a touch point for families.  We take this opportunity to thank Sally most sincerely for her work in this area.  She was presented with some beautiful natives and pots by our School Council President, Gareth Whitten on behalf of the school.

Thank you Sally for all your hard work and support.


Dates For Your Diary

8/12/20 Whole School Transition – students will have a session in their 2021 classroom with their teacher wherever possible

11/12/20 Reports go home to parents

15/12/20 Year 6 Graduation

17/12/20 Final day for students 1.30 finish

18/12/20 Curriculum Day – school not open


27/1/21 Wednesday Teachers at school for planning

28/1/21 Thursday Professional development for staff

29/1/21 Friday First student day for years 1-6

1/2/21 Monday First Day for preps - 6


Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Important Dates to Remember



Thursday 9th December- 3/4 Special Lunch

Monday 13th December- Grade 6 Graduation
Ceremony: 4.15pm-5.45pm at School
Dinner and Disco: Knox Club 6:15pm-9:15pm

Tuesday 14th December- Class Parties

Wednesday 15th December- Colour Run

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 2:30pm finish

Friday 17th December- Curriculum day No students at school



Friday 28th January-
Curriculum  day

Monday 31st January-Term 1 Students Start at 9:00am-Don't forget your hats.


Saturday 19th Feb 9.30am -11.00pm Save the date- Open Morning for Prep 2023


This year’s Grade 6 graduation will be held on Tuesday the 15th of December, from 11:30am to 4:30pm.  The Grade 6 students will be having Flame Trees Burgers for lunch. There will be a number of fun activities throughout the day, such as looking at everyone’s old kinder photos, hopefully a disco, etc. The students will be dressing up for the occasion, so we don’t just have to wear our school uniform! Although this year’s graduation will be very different, it will still be spectacular and everyone will enjoy the special day. We are currently working on writing letters and articles for the Graduation Magazine.

11.40am: Graduating students to arrive at Ferntree Gully North Primary School (music room)

12.15pm: Student Presentations Commence 

1.30pm: Celebration Lunch

2:00pm: Awards Presentations

2:30pm: Graduation Activities

3:45pm: Book signing with graduating class and Ferntree Gully North staff members.

4:30pm: Graduation concludes, and students are to be collected.

Written by Mikayla A, Josh B, Tilly H and Ethan R

Remembrance Day

Our students virtually participated in the Remembrance day service, please see some of the activities in the classrooms.

Enviro News

Enviro News

The guinea pigs have finally returned to school after spending 8 months in foster care.  They enjoyed their time away but are very pleased to be back at school and all together. Congratulations to Dexter and Harper who have joined Matilda, Summer, Hannah and River in being guinea pig carers. The Enviro Centre was open to Preps at lunchtime this week and they enjoyed patting a guinea pig, feeding the chooks and exploring the Centre. Along with the guinea pig carers Enviro Leader Addi helped out during the session as did guinea pig carer assistants Hope and Lexie. They all did a great job.

A big thank-you to Jodi our Enviro Centre Manager for working tirelessly over lockdown to look after the centre – it is looking amazing and we greatly appreciated her flexibility and her efforts. The Centre will need volunteers to look after the chooks and guinea pigs over the summer holidays so look out for this information in the coming weeks if you are interested.

Student of the Week Term 4- Week starting 2nd November 2020

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week
PREP CBlake KExcellenceFor showing excellence by practising his reading strategies this week. Keep it up!
PREP FBailey HExcellenceFor showing excellence in always demonstrating positive learning behaviours and being such a strong role model
1 /2 DAmelie GIntegrity 
1 /2 FIsabella MResillienceFor showing resilience in her openess to always extend and improve her writing
1 /2 GIndi CPersistenceFor showing persistence during her spelling task this week, keep at it!
1 /2 KKai SExcellenceFor always striving for excellence in his work.
1 /2OMatilda KExcellenceFor showing excellence in practicising her reading strategies this week!
3 /4AMatilda JExcellenceFor striving for excellence in math and writing this week by willingly taking on new challenges.
3 /4BCaiah NExcellenceFor showing excellence in demonstrating a postive outlook to all aspect of her schooling. You are a wonderful role model!
3 /4EKian RResilienceFor showing resilience when facing challenging learning tasks. Keep it up!
3 /4KAnouk CExcellenceFor showing excellence when challenging herself in her writing and maths this week, well done!
3 /4SDaniel SResilienceFor showing resilience and integrity during writing tasks this week, well done!
5 /6DDan GExcellenceFor showing excellence and always striving for his personal best during Maths. Well done Dan!
5 /6FBilly TResilienceFor persisting and always doing his personal best
5 /6GCameron v HExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence and his personal best during maths this week. Keep it up Cam!
5/6IMiah CRespectFor always being respectful of other students in our classroom.
5 /6SCooper BExcellenceFor being persistent and striving for his personal best when exploring challenging maths concepts.
MUSICCierra SRespectFor always showing the utmost repsect to everyone during Music.
LOTEAngus SExcellenceFor excellence at the Enviro Centre by ensuring he is productive and inclusive
ARTIsabella MExcellenceFor showing excellence when creating abstract art pieces.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONRuby J PIntegrityFor demonstrating integrity in PE by offering to help out.

Student of the Week - Term 4 Week starting 9th November 2020

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CLevi DExcellenceFor working hard to improve his knowledge of letter sounds this week. Keep it up!
PREP FOllie AExcellenceOn an overall fantastic week and for working so hard on his writing.
1 /2 DDesmond VExcellenceFor his amazing effort during our Remembrance Day writing activity.
1 /2 FRuby BIntegrityFor showing intregrity in how she challenges her learning.
1 /2 GFinn CExcellenceFor striving for excellence in his recount writing this week. Well done!
1 /2 KZaina IRespectFor showing respect to her peers and teachers throughout her school day.
1 /2OOliver OIntegrityFor always showing integrity to his teachers and peers.
3 /4ARyan MResilienceFor demonstrating resilience during Play Is The Way by not giving up even when things got very challenging. Keep it up Ryan!
3 /4BAsher MIntegrityFor always being a strong role model both in and out of the classroom.
3 /4EToby FExcellenceFor showing excellence and always striving for his personal best during Maths.
3 /4KAmelia MExcellenceFor striving to achieve her personal best in all areas of her learning, keep it up!
3 /4SJameson JRespectFor always showing respect to his teachers and peers.
5 /6DNiamh HExcellenceFor showing excellence during writing for Remembrance Day.
5 /6FHarper KRespectFor showing respect towards others during learning time.
5 /6GJohn WExcellenceFor demonstrating a positive attitude towards school and his learning. Keep it up!
5/6IArchie AExcellenceFor making a great effort to complete all learning tasks.
5 /6SCameron WExcellenceFor reflecting on his learning when completing his Essential Assessment.
MUSICAyva SIntegrityFor her persistence, concentration and effort whilst singing in Music.
LOTEZachary WExcellenceFor excellence in writing numbers in Kanji.
ARTKyson OExcellenceFor showing excellence when learning new skills in Art.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONGrace JPIntegrityFor being willing to help collect the PE equipment.

Camp Australia Holiday Club and Virtual Tour Information

Uniform Shop

Klad Sports is our new uniform supplier.  Their team will be able to help you with all of the School uniform needs.

8 Macro Court 
Victoria, 3178 

 T:(03) 9763 0266

Please note School bags will now be available from Klad from the end of January 2022.

Klad Uniform Price List July 2020

Community News 19th November 2020