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Remote Learning - Pacing Ourselves

Some days are diamonds and some are pretty rough.  Pace yourself across the week.  It may be you catch up on some things on the weekends when parents aren’t working or you may need to have a day where you don’t do as much.  In the classroom, teachers gauge the needs of the students each day and move the learning around to best meet their needs.  Parents can do this too.  Going forward you will start to notice less on the planners for each Friday so you can do activities or use the time to finish off work or do specialist activities. 


We know wellbeing is an important issue at any time, but certainly now.  Remember to stay positive and encourage your children that we will get through this together and it is not forever.  The missed birthdays, celebrations, weddings, funerals and family gatherings we are all missing out on can seem overwhelming.  Use Facetime, Zoom, Skype, whatever works for you to stay in touch.  If you feel you need more support DET have many resources on their parent part of their website, Beyond Blue have a huge number of resources and material to read, and your GP may be needed to direct you to support. 

Wellbeing and Planning

Next Friday 4th September will be a wellbeing day for everyone.  Please take the time to work out a program for your family.  You can do some fun things together, bit of reading, maybe some specialist activities but take it easy for the day.  The teachers will do the morning meets.  The following Friday will see teachers doing their planning in preparation for term 4.  Again, they will be on deck for the morning meets but then working together for term 4.  There will be supervision for the regular attendees at school.

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all those families who engaged in this process.  Overwhelmingly the feedback was very positive.  If you haven’t yet had a time we encourage you to email your teacher and organise an opportunity for a catch up. The teachers loved seeing their families.  They miss everyone very much.

2020 Swimming
Unfortunately we have made the decision to cancel the swimming program for P-4 and the 5/6 Water Safety day.  We know that many families value our programs highly but unfortunately we won't be able to participate this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Note from the Welfare Officer

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all managing throughout these difficult times. This term I’ve really enjoyed coming along to class contact groups and running wellbeing sessions with the students. They’ve been lots of fun and great to hear different coping strategies students and teachers have in place to help in these times.

We’ve also just finished up a Confident Me program with grade 5/6 students. Exploring body image, appearance ideals and ways we can be more confident in our own skin and be change makers in the world! It has also been fun trying out different games we can play over Microsoft Teams!

Here’s what one of our students Ava had to say about it:  “I think that Confident Me was very enjoyable and interesting. Me and my friends got a lot out of it and I think the things I learnt will be useful in my future life.” 

I’m looking forward to starting the Cyber Savvy program with 5/6 students this week, it’s not too late to join up if you want!

Please keep checking out my wellbeing videos uploaded to the school Facebook page each Wednesday for tips and be in touch if there is any way I can support you and your family.


Ange Bakhtiari


Folklore Stories Year 1/2

The year 1/2s have been writing their own folklore and were asked to include a moral that they wanted the children in their imaginary country to learn.

Mrs Keltie

Pterodactyl Village   by Logan 1/2K

Let me tell you about me and my two big brothers and a scary pterodactyl.  Riley is tall and smart and the oldest brother. Kobi is the meanest brother.  I'm Logan the little brother and I'm the strongest. 

We escaped from floods in our boat found an island with no-one on it.  We needed shelter so we looked for trees to chop down to make to make shelter. We found the perfect tallest pine tree to chop down. Riley said “Let's use the propeller off the boat to make an axe”.  So Kobi and I got the propeller and a big stick and made an axe. We started chopping the pine tree down and suddenly pine cones were flying at our heads. We looked up and saw a big pterodactyl with big sharp teeth and claws, it looked angry.  Kobi was going to throw the axe at pterodactyl but Logan said “No stop, she has babies in her nest”. 

The brothers stopped chopping and moved away, they started crying.  Pterodactyl saw the brothers upset and flew to another tree and chopped it and took it to the brothers.  They became friends and helped build a village together.

The End

The Tale of the Abominable Ice-cream by Neve 1/2F

Many scoops ago on deliciously desserted island, there lived an Abominable Ice-cream. The Abominable Ice-cream lived happily caring for Ice-cream land and making sure it was delicious, beautiful and safe. 

One day people came to Icecream land. People had never been to Ice-cream land before and they thought it was amazing. 

The Abominable Ice cream welcomed them in, but the people were so amazed and excited by all the delicious ice cream that they started to eat it all and invite more people to do the same. They even bought ships in and built a dock to be able to take some of the Ice-cream away.   They took so much of the land that not even the winter months could replace all the ice-cream that was taken. Soon Ice-Cream Land became very small.

The Abominable Ice-cream was very angry. He was happy to share and happy for their company, but he didn’t want them to destroy his beloved land.   So, he decided to talk to the people and make some rules about Ice- cream land.   Most of the people agreed with the Abominable Ice-cream and promised to live by his rules. They agreed to come and live and take only a small amount of ice-cream so that the land would remain and everyone could enjoy it. 

However, those that didn’t were scared away by the Abominable Ice-cream and told never to return.  

So now if a child is found to be greedy and eating too much ice cream it is told that the Abominable Ice-cream will come down from his home in the ice-cream caves and scare them so badly, they will never be able to eat ice-cream again 

So, kids make sure you share with kindness and only take what you need there is always enough for everyone if you look after your home and others. 

The End 

Zac to the Future   by Reuben Costello 1/2O

Zac was speeding down the path on his skateboard when he came to a street that was very crowded. He could not see anything, then he fell into a dark hole.  “AAAH!!!” he screamed, as he fell into the hole.

 At that moment Zac hit the ground. “Where am I?" Zac yelled… then he heard a voice.  “Hello!” said the voice Zac looked to the left then he looked to the right, there stood a woman.   She had a purple cloak, a red hood, dark skin and she was holding a crystal ball.

"Come here young man, let me tell you your future”.

“Who are you?” wondered Zac.

“I am the fortune teller” replied the women.

“Uhh ok, well what’s my future?” asked Zac.

“Hmm…looks pretty amazing to me!” replied the fortune-teller as she smirked.

“Cool! Would you be able to send me there?” asked Zac.

“Of course, I can” replied the fortune-teller.

And so, she did. When Zac got to the future he was confused. He did not look like himself, and he did not sound like himself.   Then he saw a man and in front of him, there was a line of people. Zac went over to investigate. When he got there, he asked someone in line.

“Hey! What's going on?” asked Zac. “There’s an amazing skateboarding contest” replied the guy.  Zac decided to enter the contest, only he did not know that the fortune teller had tricked him and sent him to a cursed future. When the day came Zac was ready 3... 2... 1... GO!!! Zac was speeding down the path, he was in the lead. He was almost at the finish line but he did not quite make it.  Zac was confused as the fortune-teller told him that his future would be amazing. So, he came up with a plan to recreate the moment he got sent to the future. He told the fortune teller he did not want to get sent to the future.   Then he got home safely and always remembered, be careful what you wish for!

The End

Cloud Man    by Zach Watson 1/2D

Cloud man woke up in terror, to people shouting we want rain, we want rain!!!
Cloud man lives in the clouds in a castle high above a village on top of a colossal mountain.

His job is to collect the rain for the Earth. He looks like white clouds then turn's grey when it is time to rain.   

Today he did not want to do his work. Today he just wanted to party all day. So, he danced and danced and danced until he fell asleep without doing any of his work.

Two years later, he woke in terror to the thunderous sound of people chanting “We need rain! WE NEED RAIN!

Cloudman was so startled by the noise he got straight to work. He lowered his bucket into the sea to fill the clouds and make it rain.

He felt bad that the people had gone so long without water because he had slept all that time and not done his job. Cloud man made a promise to the people that whenever they heard him dance soon, it would rain.

The End


Fun in the Forest by Ellie. M  1/2G.

Roar!!! Three terrified lion cubs lost in a forest. How did they get there?

A long, long time ago it was a rainy day in a forest far away. It was home to lots of animals, especially lions. They were a family of four, one Mum and three cheeky lion cubs. They were named Rosie, Benson and Bentley. The lion cubs were very sneaky.

One day the lion cubs woke up and they were so excited because only they knew that it was their friend Tiggy Tiger‘s birthday! They were about to ask their mum if they could go but then they said, “what if she doesn’t let us?” So, they LIED and said they were just going out to play! When they were walking to the party they realised that they forgot the invitation. They were about to go back to get the invitation but then they realised they were LOST!

They heard a scary noise. It sounded like a loud “roar”.  They were super scared, Rosie started crying. “I wish we told truth,” Bentley said sadly. Their Mum got worried because she hadn’t seen her cubs for a while. She checked all the places that they loved but couldn’t find them. So, she sniffed them out. Rosie ran to her mum feeling relieved. Their Mum asked, “where were you going?” The cubs answered nervously, “to Tigi Tigers birthday”. “Why didn’t you ask me?”, said Mum. “We didn’t think you would let us”, said Benson. “Of course, I would. So next time just ask me because I might say yes. I’ll take you there now.”

 At Tigi Tiger’s birthday, they opened presents and they had discos. They lived happily ever after and never lied again.

The End

Virtual House Athletics

A reminder to families that we have lots of fun boredom busters in Specialist Teams-PE-Files. There are a few days left to complete the Virtual House Athletics which runs until the end of August for student's in 3-6. 

Since 2020 was originally an Olympic year, we have decided to go ahead with our own FTGN Virtual Event for all student's P-6 and families. Our Virtual Olympics will run until Friday 18th September (last day of Term 3) when we will announce the winning country.

The events are designed to suit the whole family using simple items you would have at home and can even be completed inside. Don't forget to post a photo in Specialist Teams-PE with your total point score.

Virtual House Athletics

Virtual Mini Olympics

Book Club Issue 6- due Friday 4th September

Hi Everyone,

Issue 6 of the Scholastic Bookclub is now available to order online. Due to current restrictions, book club is available for home delivery only. This means that if you place an order it will be directly sent to your home and a delivery fee of $5.99 will be added onto your order.

Delivery and distribution to Gully North is not an option for Issue 6. 

There are some amazing offers in this online catalogue, please click onto this link to have a look: 

Orders for issue 6 will close on 4th September.  

Please note that if you ordered books from issue 5, collection will be available once restrictions have eased and I am able to sort through the books. I apologise to everyone that placed an order however, this is completely out of our hands. You will get your books just a lot later than anticipated. 


Take care and stay safe


Rachel Mactaggart

Book Club-Coordinator

Camp Australia

Please click here to make your booking with Camp Australia:

Community News 27th August 2020