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13th May 2021


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Principal's Report

It was a wonderful event having families back on site to share in our assembly.  Thank you to all those who attended.  The distribution of children at the end didn’t go quite as we planned.

So for this week's assembly, the preps can be collected from their gate area as normal, the 1/2s from the normal pick up area and 3/4s and 5/6s the normal gates. 

Please meet the children as normal to reduce confusion. The teachers will take them to the gates.

A huge thank you to the GNPA workers who have recently organised the sale of leftover uniforms for families.  Uniform is compulsory at Ferntree Gully North.  Please make sure all your items are named so, if lost, they can be returned to your child.  Have a chat to your child/children about how to care for their items.  It is not uncommon for over 10 items to come to the office after each break.  Most of these are named and can be returned but sometimes they aren’t named. 

Lost property cupboard is labelled in the area outside the specialist office if you need to check for anything.  From term 3, students who are not in uniform will receive a reminder slip to wear the correct uniform. 

If you are not sure please visit the Klad Sports store in Rowville and you have the opportunity to try on all items before purchase. Going forward we will be working out a system where parents will have the opportunity for second-hand swapping or purchasing.

If you have a child starting prep in 2022 please see the office for an enrolment form.  We encourage families to enrol as soon as possible to assist with our planning.  It seems a long way away but we are already putting measures in place for next year. 

If you know anyone in the community who would like a tour, please get them to contact the office to book a time. If parents have had a tour we encourage them to enrol as soon as possible as we are already planning for 2022. 

Naplan has taken place on May 11, 12 and 13 for students in years 3 and 5.  This testing is National and covers English and Maths.  The testing is a snapshot of a child’s abilities but supports teacher judgements.

If you have any questions contact your child’s teacher, Priscilla or me.

Mother’s Day
We hope all our mothers and special people had a wonderful family day on Sunday 9th May.  Our traditional Mother’s Day Stall run by GNPA was back.
The stall was a lovely way for students to organise their own gifts as well as being supported by GNPA and their teachers.

For those new to the school see the flyer in the newsletter for further information on GNPA.

Thank you to our GNPA army for their hard work.

Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Important Dates to Remember



Thursday 9th December- 3/4 Special Lunch

Monday 13th December- Grade 6 Graduation
Ceremony: 4.15pm-5.45pm at School
Dinner and Disco: Knox Club 6:15pm-9:15pm

Tuesday 14th December- Class Parties

Wednesday 15th December- Colour Run

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 2:30pm finish

Friday 17th December- Curriculum day No students at school



Friday 28th January-
Curriculum  day

Monday 31st January-Term 1 Students Start at 9:00am-Don't forget your hats.


Saturday 19th Feb 9.30am -11.00pm Save the date- Open Morning for Prep 2023

Student of the Week Term 2- Week starting Monday 26th April 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:

PREP CRuby PExcellenceFor showing excellence by working hard on her reading this week. Keep it up!
PREP AMaggie C-MExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence by thinking of lots of 'Wow' words to use in her learning tasks.
1 /2 BNeve RExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence during her first Big Write session.
1 /2 CLilly MExcellenceFor her excellent descripive writing in her Big Write about Healesville Sanctuary!
1 /2 DLiahona NExcelleceFor striving for excellence in all learning tasks this week!
1 /2 NEli HExcellenceFor striving for excellence on your Healesville Big Write, wonderful effort!
3 /4DLarnie JResilienceFor showing persistence and resilience in maths.
3 /4BJosh PIntegrityYour diligence when completing your jobs within the Enviro Centre. You were focused and your actions help make our school a better place to be.
3 /4EOscar JResilienceFor demonstrating resilience in his Big Write this week. Keep it up!
3 /4KZayne WResilienceFor showing persistence and resilience when completing tasks.
3 /4FColton DResilienceFor still striving for his personal best despite having a broken arm.
5 /6 OMia RExcellenceFor showing pride in her work and creating a fantastic persuasive piece for her first Big Write!
5 /6ACamden FExcellenceFor sharing his knowledge and skills with his peers during a coding session.
5 /6GHugh MExcellenceFor using ambitious vocabulary and writing an awesome persuasive piece for his first Big Write.
5/6IArchie AExcellenceFor working on using powers of ten to convert units of measurements.
5 /6SKelsie AExcellenceFor taking pride in her learning and striving to achieve her personal best.
MUSICJasmine MResilienceFor showing resilience and refocussing on our music task.
LOTEDakota EExcellenceFor showig excellence in recalling Hiragana - well done!
ARTNeve RIntegrityfor showing great integrity when solving problems in the yard.
ARTElijah HIntegrityfor showing great integrity when solving problems in the yard.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONAbigail RIntegrityFor showing integrity in volunteering to swap teams in T Ball to balance the teams.

Student of the Week Term 2- Week Staring Monday 3rd May 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:

PREP CEmma NExcellenceFor thinking of some fantastic verbs during writing this week. Keep it up!
PREP ATilda BExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in all her learning activities.
1 /2 BAbby EExcellenceFor striving for excellence when writing persuasive text this week! Well done.
1 /2 CBailey HExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in his persuasive writing this week!
1 /2 DEbony LExcellenceFor being a good friend and encouraging others to make strong choices.
1 /2 NMatilda KExcellenceFor Pursuing your best and striving for excellence in all literacy tasks this week!
3 /4DMarcus CExcellenceFor pushing himself in all areas of learning this week.
3 /4BCJ SRespectFor always showing respect to your classmates and teachers.
3 /4ERyan MIntegrityFor demonstrating integrity towards his classmates and having a positive attitude towards school.
3 /4KHannah WResilienceFor never giving up and always trying to push herself with all learning tasks.
3 /4FAmelia FExcellenceFor showing excellence during maths by not giving up and always trying her best.
5 /6 OChelsea SExcellenceFor demonstrating her knowledge of lattice multiplication in front of two classes.
5 /6AAlyssa HExcellenceFor becoming confident enough to contribute to class discussions.
5 /6GMilly SRespectFor consistently being a respectful member of our classroom.
5/6IAbigail RExcellenceFor working collaboratively to research and report on Kinship in Inquiry.
5 /6SKian RExcellenceFor creating a well-designed alien invasion fence using his knowledge of perimeter.
MUSICIndi CExcellenceFor trying her personal best when performing in music this week.
LOTELevi DExcellenceFor excellence in making his koinbori for Children's day.
ARTDesmond VIntegrityshowing leadership and integrity when working in the artroom.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONClaire PIntegrityFor demonstrating integrity in helping a classmate complete the triple jump.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONMillie CIntegrityFor demonstrating integrity in helping a classmate complete triple jump.

GNPA News 13th May 2021

Parenting ideas- Five forgotten skill sets that contribute to student success

Five forgotten skill sets that contribute to student success

by Michael Grose

At a time when we hear a great deal about growth mindsets, good mental health habits and creating digitally savvy students, we can easily overlook the skill sets that form the building blocks of long-term school success. These are skill sets that are also easily forgotten when we narrow our focus onto numeracy, literacy, performing arts, STEM and other academic areas.

While all these other mental skills and academic areas are important, the skills I want to focus on here are ones that can be taught, or at the very least drawn out, alongside every other skill when we as parents and teachers know what to look for.

Following are five skill sets that contribute massively to overall student success and contentedness at school.


1. Friendship skills
The ability to get along with others is hugely important for children and teenagers. Those students with a strong set of friendship skills are easy to like, easy to relate to and easy to play with. The skills they possess include knowing how to win and lose well, how to approach others to join in a group and how to lead rather than boss.

2. Organisational skills
The ability to organise your time, your space, your items and other aspects of your life is a massive plus for any student. The best way to help children who are organisationally challenged is to introduce them to systems and processes to help them organise themselves. These processes include the use of visual reminders, anchoring (i.e. linking new behaviours to habitual behaviours) and the mapping out of activities.

3. Optimism skills
It may seem strange to see optimism as skill set, but as leading psychologist Professor Martin Seligman discovered through his research, optimism can be taught. Seligman found that while some children are more inclined by nature to see a glass as half empty than half full, all children are capable of developing an optimistic explanatory style through exposure and direct teaching. The skills of optimism include being aware of self-talk, reframing negative events into positive events and the practice of perspective-taking.

4. Coping skills
Kids will generally face a number of challenges during the course of their school lives including overcoming the disappointment of not being picked on a team, working their way through difficult learning situations and dealing with rejection. The impact of these challenges will depend on each kid’s own spirit, the support they receive and their coping skills. The good news is that coping skills can be taught or, at the very least, encouraged if adults know what to focus on. Coping strategies include parking problems for a while, normalising difficult situations and accepting and moving on. Some kids will use coping strategies quite naturally, while others need parental and teacher input to help them cope with even seemingly minor challenges.

5. Relaxation skills
The ability to relax and get away from it all is vital for the maintenance of mental health, which in turn affects a student’s ability to perform. Many of today’s kids live with pressure. That pressure needs to be released through relaxation and play, otherwise it can lead to anxiety and other mental illnesses. The ability to relax and unwind is paramount to your child’s school success. Relaxation techniques include mindfulness and meditation, participating in hobbies and enjoying creative pursuits.

These skills are part developmental and part environmental. That is, kids will naturally develop many of them as they mature but the skills also need to be nurtured environmentally. They need to be recognised, encouraged, taught and modelled by adults who children and teenagers respect and admire. That makes parents and teachers ‘Very Important People’ in the process of acquiring them.

Michael Grose

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.

Picnic in The Basin

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Camp Australia Newsletter 13th May 2021

Uniform Shop

Klad Sports is our new uniform supplier.  Their team will be able to help you with all of the School uniform needs.

8 Macro Court 
Victoria, 3178 

 T:(03) 9763 0266

Please note School bags will now be available from Klad from the end of January 2022.

Klad Uniform Price List July 2020

CSEF Application Form

Please see below the link for the CSEF form:
CSEF Application Form 2021

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