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31st March 2021


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Principal's Report 31st March

Louise Strauch
Today we farewelled Louise at our on line assembly.  Unfortunately I am at home today having just had a COVID test. I was very sorry to miss the assembly but I did watch on line. We wish her every happiness in her new future.  She has worked with great dedication over many years.  The performing and music skills she has enabled students to develop, will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.  This is a wonderful gift she has contributed to many, many students along the way.  I think if parents were to reflect on their own schooling our opportunities in these areas were perhaps not the great opportunities your children have had because of teachers like Louise. Having been a teacher for a long time I have never had the pleasure of working in a school with such fantastic productions.  Louise has had many students and ex students and their families wish her well.  Congratulations to Louise on a wonderful career and lots of our very best wishes for a wonderful future.


School Photos

School photos went very well and some beautiful family photos were taken.  It takes some time to get them back but we will distribute them as soon as they arrive.



Uniform is compulsory and we ask that all students are in the correct uniform from term 2.  If your daughter is in grade 6 girl we do appreciate that you don’t have long to go and full school uniform might be tricky.  Leggings are not part of uniform, nor netball skirts.  Please make sure your child/children wear the uniform items that enable them to play in any way they choose.  The skorts look fantastic and girls are able to wear navy tights underneath but not leggings.  The only students who are able to wear hoodies are the year 6 students.


Curriculum Day

Please remember that today is the final day of the term for students (finish at 2.30) and staff are participating in a writing curriculum day tomorrow honing their skills to support students. 



If you have a child starting prep in 2022 please see the office for an enrolment form.  We encourage families to enrol as soon as possible to assist with our planning.  It seems a long way away but we are already putting measures in place for next year.  If you know anyone in the community who would like a tour, please get them to contact the office to book a time. If parents have had a tour we encourage them to enrol as soon as possible as we are already planning for 2022.


End of Term

Finally congratulations to all our students, their families and our staff for a great return to school.  The students are very engaged and doing terrific work in their rooms. We are all still remembering routines after last year but it is truly great to be back.  We wish you a wonderful Easter and break.  Enjoy your holidays.  For many of you we know this could be your first time away.  Term 2 brings excitement with our Mother’s Day Stall, Naplan and year 5/6 camp.

Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Important Dates to Remember



Thursday 9th December- 3/4 Special Lunch

Monday 13th December- Grade 6 Graduation
Ceremony: 4.15pm-5.45pm at School
Dinner and Disco: Knox Club 6:15pm-9:15pm

Tuesday 14th December- Class Parties

Wednesday 15th December- Colour Run

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 2:30pm finish

Friday 17th December- Curriculum day No students at school



Friday 28th January-
Curriculum  day

Monday 31st January-Term 1 Students Start at 9:00am-Don't forget your hats.


Saturday 19th Feb 9.30am -11.00pm Save the date- Open Morning for Prep 2023

Year 1/2 Paramedics Visit

On Monday 29th March, 2 paramedics from Ambulance Victoria came to visit the Level 1/2 students as part of their community helpers unit in Inquiry.

It was a special day as the students were able to build on their prior knowledge and learn new things about what enables paramedics to do their jobs properly. The students were also able to have a tour through the ambulance and view some of the useful things that paramedics use when working.

1/2 Teachers

Enviro News 31st March

Thank you to the families of 5/6 students who have looked after the Enviro Centre on the weekends. The 5/6 students have taken care of the Enviro Centre this term and their efforts in mulching inside the Enviro Centre as well as around the nature walk has been fantastic. They have enjoyed learning about Mottainai and have had successes and challenges in reducing their waste in their classrooms. Students identified that ensuring there is no food or liquid in soft plastics before they are placed in the soft plastic bucket, has proven difficult and recycling hard plastics such as jelly and yoghurt tubs is also problematic with the best option being for students to take them home to wash them and place them in their recycling bin.

The winner of the Mottainai challenge is 5/6 A who not only sorted their waste correctly but made sure each day that their waste was taken to the correct deposit area and reduced their landfill by reducing the number of wipes they use to clean items safely. Hopefully the students carry these good habits into next term as all classes reduced their landfill to less than a yoghurt bucket. Well done Grade 5/6 students – this is how you make a difference and keep our planet clean.

Grade 3/4 is on Enviro duty next term and will have the opportunity to plant and watch grow many vegetables at the centre. Guinea pig carers will be announced early next term and the successful applicants will be in the role for two terms.


Mrs Casey

Note from Ange Welfare officer

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a good start to the year. It’s been great seeing students this term and watching how well they are doing. This term I have begun the Kimochis program with the prep students and we have had lots of fun meeting the Kimochis characters and learning about our feelings and how to communicate with positive social skills. I’ve been focusing on mindfulness with some of the grade 5 and 6 students and look forward to helping deliver more wellbeing programs throughout the year across all levels.

I’ve also enjoyed catching up with students one on one and supporting them with their social and emotional development. If there is any way I can support you and your family please be in contact with the school office.



Welfare Officer


Prep 2022 Open Morning

Saturday 1st May 2021 9am - 10:30am  Meet the Principal and 2021 Prep teachers

Student of the Week- Week Starting 15th March 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CElla GExcellenceFor working hard in literacy by blending sounds together in words. Keep it up!
PREP ALulu TResilienceFor demonstrating resilience in writing by being brave and stretching out sounds in words. Super effort!
1/2DIsabella HResilienceFor the hard work and dedication she put into her reading goals this week. Well done Bella!
1/2BXavier MResilienceFor demonstrating resilience in his writing this week. Keep it up!
1/2NAiden DExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in all his writing tasks this week. Great effort!
1/2CHarrison McGResilienceFor demonstrating resilience and a 'can do' attitude in all of his learning tasks this week. Well done Harrison!
3/4DGloria LExcellenceFor consistently showing positive work habits during learning time.
3/4BSeb WExcellenceYour terrific focus this week with our writing tasks. You have used great word choice to persuade the reader.
3/4EAngus CResilienceFor demonstrating resilience by staying on task in all areas of his learning!
3/4KJesse AResilienceFor working hard during all stages of his narrative. Keep it up Jesse!
3/4FSophie MRespectFor always listening attentively and showing respect to others. You are a fantastic role model Sophie.
5/6OLexie WResilienceFor showing resilience when revising and editing her fairytale.
5/6ADeclan RExcellenceFor consistently trying his best in all learning tasks.
5/6GJimmy MIntegrityFor being an excellent role model and demonstrating great leadership inside the classoom.
5/6IAva XExellenceFor working hard on planning, writing, editing and revising a fairytale narrative.
5/6SClaire PIntegrityFor showing strong leadership by putting the feelings of her peers ahead of her own.
MUSICMaggie C-MExcellenceFor her excellent listening skills and concentration when playing the xylophone.
LOTESonya PExcellenceIn recalling words in Japanese.
ARTEmma NRespectFor always being respectful and helpful in the Artroom.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONMia RResilienceFor showing resilience in completing the Cross Country time trial.

Student of the Week - Week starting 22nd March 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CHannah CExcellenceFor being a superstar by stretching out the sounds in words.
PREP ADaniel MExcellenceFor his maginificient writing about his favourite toy. Keep it up!
1/2DAlfie GExcellenceFor writing an impressive letter to the Easter Bunny. Well done Alfie!
1/2BFletcher BExcellenceShowing excellence by being an outstanding role model for his classmates. You're a star!
1/2NHazel ARespectFor continuously demonstrating respect in her actions towards others.
1/2CKaylee DExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in her application to the Easter Bunny writing this week.
Excellent work Kaylee!
3/4DFlynn HRespectFor consistently respecting his peers during learning time. Well done.
3/4BJackson HExcellenceYour quality in reading this week. You have challenged yourself with deeper thinking.
3/4ELeif AResilienceFor demonstrating resilience when faced with challenging maths concepts this week.
3/4KBrandon HResilienceFor taking on feedback and challenging himself to make changes to his writing.
3/4FIsaac AResilienceFor showing resilience when transitioning between different classes and teachers.
5/6OChelsea SExcellenceFor working on her reading goal and competing it to a high standard.
5/6ATallulah CExcellenceFor completing her reading goal to a high standard.
5/6GWill HIntegrityFor demonstrating self control and thinking about his actions.
5/6IJade JExcellenceFor developing creative story ideas for her 6 sentence story.
5/6SRiver GExcellenceFor taking on feedback when selecting an appropriate goal.
MUSICTom KExcellenceFor composing an excellent song on Garage Band.
LOTEGeorgia CExcellenceIn working diligently and independantly in L.O.T.E
ARTJesse AResilienceFor showing great resilience and persistence when challenging himself in Art.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONHazel AExcellenceFor always working toward her personal best in PE.


Easter Colouring Competition & Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with Darrell Lea Chocolate- Nick Wakeling

Congratulations to Clare from Prep A who won 1st prize and Fletcher in grade 1 who also won a prize in Nick Wakeling's Easter Colouring Competition.


Anzac Day- Sunday 25th April 2021

Light up the dawn this Anzac Day

Join us to light up the dawn. This Anzac Day, whether you are in pyjamas or your uniform, in your driveway, living room or at the Shrine, remember those who gave their all.

The Dawn Service

As the home of commemoration in Victoria, the Shrine is delighted to host the State Anzac Day Dawn Service on 25 April 2021. We encourage all Victorians to watch the live-stream from 5.40am either below or on our social channels.

Observing State health guidelines, only 1,400 places will be available to attend the Dawn Service. Ticket bookings open on Thursday, 15 April and may be booked on this page.

Booking registration is essential. Tickets are free and are limited to two people per booking.

The Anzac Day March

The Melbourne Anzac Day March is a special event that veterans have always embraced. This year, Victorian veterans will be back marching to the Shrine of Remembrance along St Kilda Road. The march will be live-streamed here on the Shrine website and on our social channels. For information about how to be involved in the March, contact RSL Victoria on (03) 9655 5555. 

Watch the Anzac day live stream: 

Parenting Ideas- INSIGHTS - Managing anxiety before it becomes a problem

Camp Australia 31st March

Knox Council Easter School Holiday Program 5–16 April

School Holiday Activities

Knox's Cultural Venues have a fun-filled, creative and affordable range of activities for kids these School Holidays.

This Easter, come and get your hands dirty, create something special, and get up close and personal with dinosaurs!

Making fluffy slime


Fluffy Easter Egg Slime Workshops


Join Fizz Kidz for an hour of fun and get those little hands messy! Together we will make super fluffy Easter egg slime to celebrate the holidays, as well as play games and win prizes! Every child has the opportunity to explore colours, scents and glitters as they personalise their fabulous take home creations! We can't wait to have fun with you!

Date: Thursday 8 April
Times: 10:00am (4-8 year old) and 1:00pm (9 years of age and over)
Location: Knox Community Arts Centre
Duration: 1 Hour
Tickets: $16
For ages: 10:00am session: 4-8 year olds & 1:00pm session: 9 years of age and over

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School Holiday Feature Show


Look no further for a family show that's fun, interactive, entertaining and out of this world!

Dinomania is a family show spectacular that allows imaginations to run wild.
The audience will embark on an awe-inspiring, exhilarating and gripping journey back to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

They will come face to face with FOUR dinosaurs and a quirky cast as the battle unfolds to find out who is the real champion of dinosaurs - the T-Rex or the Raptor!
There are plenty of surprises, songs and dancing from start to finish, plus a special Kids Zone for an up-close and personal experience.

Pre-show entertainment includes giveaways and a children’s entertainer to provide excitement, so make sure you come dressed up as your favourite dinosaur. There are prizes to be won for the best dressed!
You may even be lucky enough to be picked out of the audience to join these prehistoric dinos on stage.

Date: Tuesday 13 April
Time: 11:00am
Location: Knox Community Arts Centre
Duration: 60 minutes, plus meet and greet
Tickets: Adult $15, Child $12, Family (4 people) $45
For all ages

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Virtual Records


Virtual Records Workshop


Virtual Records is an innovative new program which sees students work solo or in groups to create music sleeve art and lyrics for a fictional music act, or one to promote self-identity.

Students will create their own cover sleeve for their 45 single with illustrator, Lauren Habarow, and lyrics with author, Craig Dent.

Virtual Records explores 3 themes of Self-Identity, Empowered Imagination, and Creative Expression within Music & Visual Communication Design curriculums.

“I have been inspired by the world of music, and how it is conceptualised, from punk rock to new wave to grunge, hip hop and techno,” Dent says.

Students can then publish their work in a virtual space, sharing online with youth from Young Somerset, UK.

Date: Wednesday 14 April
Time: 10:00am
Location: Knox Community Arts Centre
Duration: 2 hours
Tickets: $15
For ages: 12+

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Wobbly soap


Wobbly Soap Workshops


Join Fizz Kidz for an hour of fun and get those little hands messy! Together we will make super fun wobbly soap (that seriously wobbles!), as well as play games and win prizes! Every child has the opportunity to choose their favourite colours, scents and glitters as they personalise their fabulous take home creations! We can't wait to have fun with you.

Date: Thursday 15 April
Times: 10:00am (4-8 year old) and 1:00pm (9 years of age and over)
Location: Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre
Duration: 1 hour
Tickets: $16
For ages: 10:00am session: 4-8 year olds & 1:00pm session: 9 years of age and over

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Pottery Workshop - Hand Building Creations


Children will enjoy creative skill development within a fun, small group setting mentored by our experienced arts tutors. All pottery workshops offer firing of work, for collection at a later date.

During the week 1 sessions, children will create their very own clay Wooly Sheep or Hen on a Nest.
During the week 2 sessions, children will create their very own clay Turtle or Sunflower Bowl.


Wednesday7 April10:00am and 1:00pmA Wooly Sheep or a Hen on a Nest
Friday9 April10:00am and 1:00pmA Wooly Sheep or a Hen on a Nest
Monday12 April10:00am and 1:00pmA Turtle or a Sunflower Bowl
Wednesday14 April10:00am and 1:00pmA Turtle or a Sunflower Bowl
Friday16 April10:00am and 1:00pmA Turtle or a Sunflower Bowl

Location: Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre
Duration: 90 minutes
Tickets: $14.50
For ages: 6+

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Easter Fun at Miller's


The children of Knox and their families are invited to celebrate Easter at the iconic Miller's Homestead on Easter Saturday, 3 April 2021.

The event offers a delightful mix of Easter Storytelling with True Fairies, Mad Hatter’s Magic Show, Live Music and a visit from the Easter Bunny. Children (and their grown-ups!) are invited to wear their favourite Easter costumes, bonnets, bunny ears or other festive attire just for fun!

Date: Saturday 3 April
Times: Various sessions available between 10am and 5pm
Location: Miller’s Homestead, 30 Dorrigo Drive, Boronia
Duration: 1 hour sessions
Tickets: $10 per family (max 2 adults, 3 kids). The ticketing fee is fully redeemable at the event's food and beverage offering.

Session Times:

  • 10am, gates open from 9.30am
  • 12pm, gates open from 11.30am
  • 2pm, gates open from 1.30pm
  • 4pm, gates open 3.30pm

For more information, visit

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Go! at Knox Drive-In Cinema


Knox Drive-In Cinema


Join family and friends at our Knox Drive-In Cinema experience featuring GO! (PG).

Date: Saturday 17 April 2021
Time: Entry from 6:30pm. Movie starts at dusk - approximately 7:30pm
Location: Knox Community Arts Centre carpark, 790 Mountain Highway, Bayswater
Tickets: $10 per vehicle. Tickets include entry (for one vehicle and its occupants), movie viewing and $10 worth of popcorn or ice cream.

For more information, visit

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CSEF Application Form

Please see below the link for the CSEF form:
CSEF Application Form 2021

Lost Bird

Lost. Blue Ringneck. If spotted please call 0406 726 441.

Community News 31st March 2021