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18th March 2021


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Principal's Report 18th March 2021

School Photos
School Photos will be tomorrow, Friday 19th March.  Make sure you organise a polo shirt with a logo for the day.  It is a Friday so if your child wants to wear their sports shirt make sure they have the polo as well.  The information for photos is in the newsletter and notification has been on Compass.  Call the office if you need any further assistance.  You will need to order by the due date or you may incur an additional fee.

Just a reminder that if your child is unwell please keep them home to recover.  Children who exhibit possible Covid19 symptoms will be sent home, along with their siblings. If a child has a test they will need to be cleared and free from symptoms.  A medical clearance will only be needed if the symptoms linger after clearance.  As you would appreciate, these things can move quickly and would impact on many people in our community.

Klad Sports will be open for uniform purchases during the holidays during the second week. The slim fit track suit pants for girls are in stock.  These are the same ones that our female staff wear.  Don’t forget that uniforms are compulsory and the holidays is a great time to go and try on uniform for sizes.

End of term and Curriculum Day
The final day of term for students is Wednesday 31st March.  School will finish at 2.30pm for students on this day. Please make arrangements for early pick up that day.  Teachers will be working at a curriculum day on the Thursday on writing and Friday is Good Friday this year.

School Council Office Bearers
Our annual General Meeting of School Council was held last night.  Our office bearers are:

President: Gareth Whitten

Vice President: Danelle Shuttleworth

Secretary: Danelle Shuttleworth

Treasurer: Charlotte Jones

All council members join either education, buildings and grounds or finance sub committees.  We are looking forward to working with council during the year.  Congratulations to our office bearers.

Parent Council Members: Gareth Whitten, Danelle Shuttleworth, Fiona Van Heeswyk, Charlotte Jones, David Frost, David Brennan, Nat Harvey, Trish Donovan and Nadine Kamsteeg

Staff Council Members: Sue Dean, Priscilla Salter, Alana Aiello, Libby Flanagan and Claire Keltie.

If you have a child starting prep in 2022 please see the office for an enrolment form.  We encourage families to enrol as soon as possible to assist with our planning.  It seems a long way away but we are already putting measures in place for next year.  If you know anyone in the community who would like a tour please get them to contact the office to book a time. If parents have had a tour we encourage them to enrol as soon as possible as we are already planning for 2022.

Louise Strauch
As we approach the end of the term we will be farewelling Louise to her retirement at our on line assembly on Wednesday 31st March at 9.30am.  There will be a presentation from the school and the staff.  Please feel free to email Louise with your wishes through either the school email.  You can also organise a time to call in and say goodbye through the email to her directly.  Louise has been part of our school community for over 17 years and has been teaching for many more. During this time she has impacted upon the lives of so many families and students.  Our school song was written and performed by Louise!  Her outstanding contributions to our productions have given all children life skills preparing for their futures and the students who particularly enjoy the arts have benefited enormously.  It is very difficult to sum up the differences that Louise has made to staff, students and families. Louise is a humble person but her career is to be celebrated.  We wish her well for a wonderful retirement and know that she has many plans for a fantastic future.


Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Important Dates to Remember



Thursday 9th December- 3/4 Special Lunch

Monday 13th December- Grade 6 Graduation
Ceremony: 4.15pm-5.45pm at School
Dinner and Disco: Knox Club 6:15pm-9:15pm

Tuesday 14th December- Class Parties

Wednesday 15th December- Colour Run

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 2:30pm finish

Friday 17th December- Curriculum day No students at school



Friday 28th January-
Curriculum  day

Monday 31st January-Term 1 Students Start at 9:00am-Don't forget your hats.


Saturday 19th Feb 9.30am -11.00pm Save the date- Open Morning for Prep 2023

School Photos

Enviro News

The Grade 5/6 students are learning about Mottainai which is the Japanese philosophy of mindful consumption. Each class has been challenged to reduce their landfill to fit into a yoghurt bucket each day. To do this they must consider what they bring from home and use at school, and ensure waste is placed in appropriate containers so it can be composted, recycled or re-used. Stay tuned to hear which class has had the greatest success at this task.

The Enviro Center is beginning to produce food that is ready for harvest. 5/6 I enjoyed picking the food in the photo and taste testing each item.

Can you name each vegetable in the picture?

Guinea Pig Carer Applications Are Open.

Term Two will see six new guinea pig carers from Grade 3/4 begin in the role. Being a guinea pig carer involves many different jobs and responsibilities such as supervising students holding the guinea pigs in a safe way at the Enviro Centre on Wednesdays at lunchtime, cleaning out their hutch, taking home a guinea pig on weekends and being available to do Enviro Centre duty over the holidays. Applications are available from the Specialist Office and must be returned to Mrs Casey by Friday the 26th of March. Anyone who is interested needs to fill out a new application.


Volunteers Needed for Enviro Duty over the holidays.

Over the holidays the chickens, guinea pigs and plants need families to volunteer to visit and ensure they are fed, watered, loved and looked after. You can take home any eggs you find and any produce that is ripe. It is a wonderful way to spend as little as half an hour or a whole morning or afternoon exploring the center and taking care of it. If you are home in the holidays and are interested in helping out please email Mrs Casey at with the dates you are available  between the 1st and 18th of April.

Regional Swimming


On Friday 12th March, five our students competed at the Regional Swimming Event in Balwyn. Congratulations to Adaya P, Claire P, Will K, Monique S and Hannah M on their efforts. A huge thank you to our parent helpers.

Ms Lara Atkinson

Grade 5/6 Leadership Day

On Friday 5th of March all of the 5/6 students participated in a leadership incursion run by Jon and Jamie from Unleashing Personal Potential. We learnt how to be a leader with and without a badge, we learnt about ASIPIRE, each letter stands for a different leadership attribute that every good leader should show inside and outside of school.

A - Action

S - Serve

P - Persist

I - Influence

R - Respect

E - Encourage

After we learnt what ASPIRE means, everyone participated in the Epic Race, where we were put into groups with people that we don’t always work with. We had to complete lots of different activities where we had to work together to finish them. We got 1 point for completing each activity and up to 3 bonus points for using the attributes from ASPIRE. It was a really good day and we learnt lots of things. We are looking forward to using what we have learnt to show the rest of the school that Grade 5/6 students are great leaders.

By Millie  C & Cooper C

Student of the Week - Term 1- Week starting 1st March 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CElijah SRespectFor always showing the Golden Rule to his teachers and classmates. Keep it up!
PREP ALevi DRespectFor always going out of his way to help his classmates. Keep it up Levi!
1/2DSonya PRespectFor always offering others help when they need it.
1/2BRuby BRespectFor showing respect to her teachers and peers by being a great listener during class discussions.
1/2NGeorgia CExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in all literacy tasks this week. Well done!
1/2CAlex KExcellenceFor showing excellence in all the activities she is assigned. Well done Alex!
3/4DChloe SExcellenceFor always trying her personal best with all her learning.
3/4BJack O'MIntegrityFor keeping control of your emotions and making strong decisions in class throughout the week.
3/4EMax XResilienceFor demonstrating resilience in his writing this week. Keep it up!
3/4KClodagh GExcellenceFor working hard on her narrative this week.
3/4FHarvey RRespectBy making strong decisions about where to sit to minimise distactions to himself and others.
5/6OAlfie WintegrityFor being brave and stepping out of his comfort zone during Play is the Way.
5/6AJack GExcellencefor actively contributing to class discussions.
5/6GBeau M GExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence when writing a sizzling start for his fairytale narrative.
5/6IAdelaide C-MIntegrityFor offering assistance to a classmate and showing care and concern.
5/6SKatie CExcellenceFor always being a strong and respectful contributor to classroom conversations.
MUSICPhoenix E-EExcellenceFor his great start to Music this year and singing a song he made up to the class.
LOTELennox FIntegrityFor integrity in offering to work with those that need help.
ARTCannon HResilienceFor showing resilience when persisting with challenging tasks in Art.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONElla CResilienceFor demonstrating resilience in overcoming pre race nerves to compete at Divisional Swimming.

Student of the Week - Term 1- Week starting 8th March

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CZac CExcellenceFor working hard to improve his reading this week. Keep it up!
PREP AFelix BExcellenceFor striving to achieve his personal best in all learning activities. Super job!
1/2DJake JExcellenceFor his continuous can do attitude in all learning activities.
1/2BAlly SResilienceFor showing resilience during all areas of her learning. Keep it up!
1/2NTao T BExcellenceFor Excellence in his recount writing this week. Well done!
1/2CIsla WExcellenceFor showing excellence in her recount writing on Community Helpers this week.
3/4DZoe FExcellenceFor writing an exceptional narrative piece, well done.
3/4BViolet DExcellenceAsking questions and seeking help to support your learning.
3/4ERylie AResilienceFor showing resilience during all areas of our learning this week!
3/4KSummer CExcellenceFor pushing herself to improve her writing this week!
3/4FSierra DRespectFor demonstrating Respect towards a new teacher and her classmates.
5/6OMikaela PRespectShowing respect to her peers by helping them to solve problems.
5/6ATyler PRespectFor showing respect to a peer by checking they were okay when they were hurt during sport.
5/6GJedd FExcellenceFor working hard on using correct punctuation when writing his narrative.
5/6IJosh MExcellenceFor working hard to improve his comprehension when reading.
5/6SFlynn EIntegrityFor showing leadership and giving up his sports time to help his peers.
MUSICEbony LExcellenceFor her excellent knowledge of instruments.
LOTEBridget MIntegrityIn working willingly and co-operatively at the Enviro Centre.
ARTSebastian PExcellencefor excellence when creating his Kadinsky collage.
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONRuby GResilienceFor her resilience in PE.

School Council News March 2021

The school council AGM and following that, the school council meeting was held last night (17th March). Office bearers for 2021 were elected unanimously – see Principal’s report for details.

The following points were discussed:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of school council representatives


  1. A draft copy of the Annual Report was tabled – members will be reviewing this to discuss at the next school council meeting. Once it has been endorsed this report will be available to the wider school community.


  1. Buildings and grounds – a Woolworth Junior Landcare Grant has been submitted. If successful this will help to finish off the Gully Restoration plan. A rainwater tank pump and cage have been fitted. This was financed by funds raised at the recent Mango Fundraiser run by GNPA


  1. GNPA – Unfortunately technical difficulties prevented the AGM going ahead however it was pleasing to see a number of people were willing to be involved with our wonderful parent committee. The following fundraisers and activities have been proposed for 2021 (dates to be confirmed):


Term 1 – Easter Raffle

- Prep/Grade 1 Meet & Greet @ The Arboretum

                                Term 2 – Mothers Day Stall

- Colour run


                                Term 3 – School Family Tree

                                                - Fathers Day Stall

                                                - Disco


                                Term 4 – Movie Night

                                                - Monster Christmas Raffle


Parenting Ideas- INSIGHTS That's leadership thinking!

Please read more: That's leadership thinking!

Camp Australia 18 March 2021

CSEF Application Form

Please see below the link for the CSEF form:
CSEF Application Form 2021

Easter Colouring Competition & Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with Darrell Lea Chocolate- Nick Wakeling


Nick Wakeling office, has given the opportunity for the children in his electorate to participate in his Easter Colouring competition.

Please see attached: 2021 Easter Colouring Competition Darrell Lea Nick Wakeling MP

Darrell Lea has kindly donated two Chocolate Easter prizes for the two overall winners of each age group (0-8yrs) & (8yrs and over) of this competition that will run on Facebook/Insta in conjunction with Darrell Lea.


Per Age Group

1st Prize (8yrs and over) Easter Hamper

2nd Prize (0-8yrs) Easter Hamper


Entries Close Thursday, 25 March 2021 at 5pm

COMPETITION will be Judged on Friday, 26 March 2021

WINNERS will be ANNOUNCED on Saturday, 27 March 2021 at the Easter Egg Hunt & via email/contact number


Entries can be returned by

Darrell Lea Outlet – 881-883 Wellington Road, Rowville

Nick Wakeling MP - Unit 4, 91 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully


Post:     PO Box 551, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

TXT:      Take a photo and txt to  - 0488 773 820

Darrell Lea Outlet in Rowville has also organised an Easter Egg Hunt. Tickets for the Easter Egg Hunt

Community News 18th March 2021