Newsletter #2

18th February 2021


Principal's Report 18th February 2021

Thank you

Thank you to all our students and families for pivoting so quickly and adapting to our situation in the week just gone.  Everyone is very pleased to be back today.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s Compass post about dismissals from today, please do so.  We can’t help but think this may happen again.  With such short notice we all need to work together to make the experience a positive one.


School Council News

The first school council meeting of 2021 was held last night (17th February).  The following points were discussed and endorsed:

  1. The Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for 2021 was approved


  1. School council approved a curriculum day for Thursday 1st April (last day of term 1, the day before Good Friday). The teachers will be undertaking a day of professional learning on VCOP writing (Vocabulary, Connectors, Openers and Punctuation) to help improve student outcomes


  1. Due to the uncertainty of the Covid situation a decision was made by school staff to postpone the school production until 2022 and instead hold the art show in 2021. School council fully endorse this decision. Whilst we love to see our children up on stage, it would be awful to put in lots of work this year only to have to cancel performances due to Covid-19. We look forward to seeing our children up in lights in 2022.


  1. Our school is in need of some TLC. Now that we are allowed some groups together outside a working bee is to be scheduled soon. Look out in the newsletter for the final date.


  1. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Louise, Belinda, Rachel, Louiza and Josh for their contribution to school council over the past 2 years and we welcome Dave, Trish, Nadine, Libby and Claire for the next 2 years.


Movie Night

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our Movie Night until November.  We appreciate your support in this and share your disappointment.  Everyone loves movie night so it will be rescheduled.


Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our student/parent/teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday March 9th, the day after the Labour Day Holiday.  At this stage we will wait to confirm if interviews are face to face or online.  Students will only attend their conference on that day.  For new families to our school, this is an opportunity to further build the home/school partnership.  The conference will be an opportunity to share information and discuss goals. You will be able to log onto Compass and book a time from Friday 26th February 12 noon.


Allergies Plan

Please return your allergies plan if you have not done so yet.  If you have any questions please contact Kim in the office.  Only those who have been notified about their plans need to do this.


Family Contact Details

All students brought home a family contact details sheet.  We ask that you make any changes needed and return to school regardless of if you had any changes or not.  Thank you.


Captain Badges

Nick Wakeling has been booked to present our Captain badges on Friday 26th February.  Hopefully this will go ahead.  Parents will be able to view on line and our staff will be taking photos for you.


School Council Elections

We had four parent positions up for nomination in 2021.  Our successful candidates for our 2021 council are Danelle Shuttleworth continuing and we welcome Nadine Kamsteeg (mother of Blake and Cooper), Dave Brennan (father of Fletcher), and Trish Donovan (mother of Matilda, Violet and Levi) to the council. Libby Flanagan and Claire Keltie are joining as staff reps.  Thank you to Josh Chamberlain and Louiza Norton for their input, particularly last year.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank retiring councillors, Rachael Ashmore, Belinda Lane and Louise Greening, for their dedication and hard work.  We are lucky to have members of our parent group happy to take on these roles.


Information Night

Thank you to all our families and staff who attended our information nights.  Valuable curriculum information and administration points were covered.  P-6 term newsletters and went home last week and curriculum information has gone home this week.


Our online sessions had fantastic attendances, including 48 parents on line for 5/6.  Obviously this is a very successful model that meets the needs of many families.



Just a reminder that if your child is unwell please keep them home to recover.  Children who exhibit possible Covid19 symptoms will be sent home, along with their siblings. If a child has a test they will need to be cleared and free from symptoms.  A medical clearance will only be needed if the symptoms linger after clearance.  As you would appreciate, these things can move quickly and would impact on many people in our community.



A new Bookclub opportunity came home at the end of last week.  Please remember all orders are now online.  The order form has a link and instructions on how to do this.  If you have queries contact the office.


Parent Helpers Course

Wendy Barr will be holding our Parent Helpers Course online in the coming weeks.  Parents will need to complete the form when it comes out on Compass if they would like to attend.  It will be offered during the afternoon.  If you would like to attend but are working let Wendy know for alternative arrangements. This year we have renamed our course because it covers not only how you can help in the classroom but how you can support your child/children at home. 


Sue Dean and Priscilla Salter

Important Dates to Remember



Thursday 9th December- 3/4 Special Lunch

Monday 13th December- Grade 6 Graduation
Ceremony: 4.15pm-5.45pm at School
Dinner and Disco: Knox Club 6:15pm-9:15pm

Tuesday 14th December- Class Parties

Wednesday 15th December- Colour Run

Thursday 16th December - Last day of Term 4 2:30pm finish

Friday 17th December- Curriculum day No students at school



Friday 28th January-
Curriculum  day

Monday 31st January-Term 1 Students Start at 9:00am-Don't forget your hats.


Saturday 19th Feb 9.30am -11.00pm Save the date- Open Morning for Prep 2023

Student of the Week - Term 1 Week Starting 1st February 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CEllie TExcellenceFor settling into the routines of school really quickly. Keep it up!
PREP AAlex VExcellenceFor making a great start to Prep and trying his best in all activities!
1/2DFreya CRespectFor demonstrating the Golden Rule sensibly this week as she showed respect towards her peers and teacher.
1/2BIsabella MacTExcellenceShowing excellence by being a strong role model for all her classmates.
1/2NRuby GExcellenceStriving for excellence in all her work tasks upon school return.
1/2CGracie LExcellenceFor being a fantastic role model for 1/2C and demonstrating our school values
3/4DMatilda JRespectFor demonstrating respect towards her peers and teachers
3/4BAmelie GExcellence
For setting high standards when preparing your books ready to learn and respectfully listening and contributing to classroom discussions.
3/4EEliana MExcellenceFor showing excellence by being a postive role model for her class
3/4KTyler SIntegrityFor demonstrating integrity by doing the right thing at all times.
3/4FMaddie CRespectFor showing respect to her teachers and peers by being a great listener during class discussions.
5/6OLuke MRespectFor showing respect to his peers, teachers and classroom.
5/6ACarina HRespectFor showing respect to her teachers and peers.
5/6GJoelan BRespectFor demonstrating respect and always helping his teacher and peers when he can.
5/6IBen SResilienceFor trying his personal best despite the difficulty of having an injured hand.
5/6STaj WIntegrityFor having the courage to show emotion and ask for help in front of his classmates.
MUSICOliver A 3/4KResilienceFor his enthusiasm and resilience in Music this week.
LOTEJesse A 3/4K IntegrityFor integrity in his commitment to listening and learning in LOTE.
ARTJackson D
ExcellenceFor excellence demonstrated during class discussions about understanding abstract art.
3/4 B
ResilienceFor demonstrating resilience by adapting to challenging activities in PE.

Student of the Week- Term 1- Week Starting 8th February 2021

Congratulations to the following students who received Student of the Week:
PREP CMaddison KRespectFor always showing the Golden Rule to her classmates and teachers. Keep it up!
PREP AStella RRespectFor always using good manners and being friendly to her classmates. Great job Stella!
1/2DZane GExcellenceFor showing excellence in all the activities he is assigned.
1/2BKai A RExcellenceFor demonstrating excellence in pursuing his personal best in all set tasks this week!
1/2GNCaeden RRespectFor showing respect towards his peers and teachers throughout the week.
1/2CJackson WRespectFor always showing respect towards his teachers and peers.
3/4DHamish M TExcellenceFor striving for excellence in all subject areas.
3/4BKeira McMRespectfor always showing respect to your classmates and teachers.
3/4EDaniel SRespectFor demonstrating respect towards his peers and teachers.
3/4KEli JResilienceFor showing resilience during our maths lessons this week!
3/4FTom KResilienceFor demonstrating resilience by being in control of his emotions.
5/6OIsla BRespectFor demonstrating respect towards her peers and teachers.
5/6ALily CResilienceFor confidently contributing to a group discussion.
5/6GGeorgia KExcellenceFor striving for her personal best in mathematics.
5/6IBilly TRespectFor offering assistance when someone was hurt.
5/6STalwyn GExcellenceFor showing excellence by stepping out of her comfort zone to participate in a focus group.
ExcellenceFor his focus and excellence in making a song on the iPad.
LOTEWillow W

ExcellenceFor excellence in writing Hiragana in L.O.T.E.
ARTCaeden R
ExcellenceFor showing excellence in Art.
ExcellenceFor striving to achieve his personal best in the 12 minute run.

Prep 2022 Open Morning

Parenting Ideas- INSIGHTS Making new friends and staying in touch with old classmates

Camp Australia Newsletter

Uniform Shop

Klad Sports is our new uniform supplier.  Their team will be able to help you with all of the School uniform needs.

8 Macro Court 
Victoria, 3178 

 T:(03) 9763 0266

Please note School bags will now be available from Klad from the end of January 2022.

Klad Uniform Price List July 2020

Camp Australia

Camp Australia Outside School Hours Care and Holiday Club

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and Holiday Club programs.

As the most experienced OSHC provider in Australia, Camp Australia provides a safe, reliable, engaging and affordable program at our school, to help families balance time and responsibilities in the crucial times outside school hours – and between terms too.

Camp Australia’s OSHC and Holiday Club programs build on our school values to further your child’s experience and interests, providing time for homework, time to relax, educational activities and a healthy snack.

Click here to find out more about the programs at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.

Community News 18th February 2021